Bem Sims @ Zona 3 Radio 3 Spain (1999)


Since he created his label Theory Recordings in late 1997 , the London DJ and producer Ben Sims has continued to answer the call of the jungle in which the dance floor becomes when he is in the cabin. Only one animal dishes like Ben Sims is capable of breaking the maxim that good producer is rather limited when it gets to mixtures or vice versa. His technique is exquisite , became interested in hip hop with just ten years, and its productions enjoy full board in the suitcases of the most famous DJs in the techno world. That magical triumvirate texture , rhythm and groove has no secrets to the British who , like many others, has a background in pirate radio stations . From there to the booths of some small clubs starting to trust the house and hip hop , many of his followers would pay for audio of some of these sets seminal – until the cache Sims begins to raise zeros after being hired by Berlin agency Dy -Na -Mix . With the signing will reside raining offers for clubs such as The Orbit , Voodoo and House of God . That’s when it starts to Ben Sims heeled towards techno funk but without forgetting its roots. In fact, his first productions are indebted to a combination of Chicago Funk and tribal house ( something oscurillo ) . Becomes one of the faces of what some call Tribal Techno . Maybe Manipulated – and remix it performed Adam Beyer- Swedish is his track best known by the general public . In interviews Sims described his musical output as a natural continuation of his youthful interests. Also recognizes that what he likes is click , well above production – always argues that his is a solitary exercise , but after that look purely masturbatory activity on different labels , Primate, Primevil , Code Red , Tresor , Phont Music and Pure Plastic, and end up in the hands of Jeff Mills and Carl Cox.
Next date 28/03/2014 at reverse club in Madrid