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Mauro Picotto – Live @ Mayday Poland 2014 (Spodek) – 08.11.2014

” Mauro Picotto used to play 6 hour sets at Gatecrasher ” explains Picotto . ” But I started it grow and generation of people who were playing to was growing with me . I began to make the transition into techno because it felt right and I loved the music. It was not like …

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Cosmic Gate Live @ MayDay 2014 Dortmund 30.04.2014

Cosmic Gate Mayday 2014

Cosmic Gate Chagall and Bossi NIC released their first single in May 1999 , named “The Drums” under ” EMI Music” stamp along with other singles on the same label mentioning as an example: ” Mental Atmosphere” or “The Truth” and his first album released in February 2001 titled ” Rhythm & Drums” which was …

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Sander Van Doorn Live @ MayDay 2014 30.04.2014

Sander Van Doorn

Sander van Doorn ( Sander Ketelaars born on 28 February 1979 in Eindhoven, Netherlands) is a Dutch DJ and producer of trance music and house. Located in the TOP100 of DJmag list debuting in 2007 at No. 15 in 2008 at No. 13 in 2009 at No. 10 by DJ Mag and in 2010 ranked …

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Felix Kröcher Live @ MayDay 2014 Dortmund 30.04.2014

Felix Kröcher MayDay

Felix Kröcher is changing The new hardtechno scene in Germany is changing face now in MayDay 2014. For now, stick with the Felix Kröcher turnover is more experienced names like Sven Wittekind Robert Natus or. It has a notch in recent seal Dj Rush, the tremebundo label Kne ‘Deep To Step Up EP (2006). So …

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Fedde le Grand Live @ MayDay 2014 Dortmund 30.04.2014

fedde le grand mayday 2014

Fedde le Grand born in Utrecht in 1977, Fedde le Grand is a Dutch born and bred to be quickly made a dent in the music world. One of his creations is ‘Sneakerz’, a unique concept where DJs spin several different types of music in different rooms. ‘Sneakerz’ was a great success and quickly spread …

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Chris Liebing Live @ MayDay 2014 Dortmund 30.04.2014

Chris Liebing MayDay 2014

The Mayday 2014 festival is one of the oldest and most reputable in Germany, usually made by members of the Love Parade, and the date varies between May and December. It is designed as an indoor Rave. MayDay 2014 brings as importantres artists like Chris Liebing, fedde le grand, Sander Van Doorn, Paul van Dyk, …

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DJ Rush – Live @ Mayday 2013 (Poland) – 09-11-2013

Dj Rush May Day live set 2013