Benny Benassi Live @ Ministry Of Sound 19-04-2014

Benny benassi photo

Benny Benassi In 2008 she released her third album Rock ‘n ‘ Rave . Includes reversals of classics like “Bring the Noise ” by Public Enemy ( which won the Grammy Award in 2008 for “Best remixed recording “) and ” Sixteen” (titled the album Electro Sixteen ) , Iggy Pop.

In 2011, working with the California group LMFAO on his album ” Sorry for Party Rocking ” ; remixing the song ” Party Rock Anthem” which reached number one on the charts in several countries like the U.S., New Zealand , Austria and Spain . He also contributed in the production of the single ” Beautiful People” , American rapper Chris Brown, from the album FAME , released in 2011 by Benny Benassi.

In the same year, more precisely in the month of June,Benny Benassi, launches its fourth studio album , Electroman , which singles such as ” Spaceship “, ” Electroman ” , “Close to Me” , “Control” and the hit ” emerge Cinema ” these last three songs in collaboration with English singer and producer Gary Go. The song “Cinema” , won the Grammy Award in 2012 in the category “Best remixed recording ,” thanks to the U.S. remix dubstep producer Skrillex .