Derrick May B2B Richie Hawtin and Aphex Twin Live @ Fuse

Aphex twin fuse



Richard David James ( AKA Aphex Twin )was born to Welsh parents Lorna and Derek James in St. Munchin’s Hospital Limerick Regional Maternity, Ireland. He grew up in Lanner, Cornwall, England. He enjoyed, along with two older sisters, a “very happy” childhood during which, according to James himself, “we could do whatever we wanted”  He liked “grow there, be separated from the city and the rest of world. “4 James went to school Redruth School, located in Redruth, Cornualles.

According to the musician Benjamin Middleton, James started producing music at age 12. During his teens he was a disc jockey at Shire Horse in St Ives, with Tom Middleton in Bowgie Inn in Crantock, and also in different beaches in the area of Cornwall. James studied for a National Diploma in Engineering between 1988 and 1990 (with between 16 and 18 years) at Cornwall College. When he talks about his studies, James says that “music and electronics go hand in hand.” 6 James graduated from high school. According to a professor of engineering, however, used to have their headphones on the ears during practical classes, “no doubt because he thought of the mixes in which work after”