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Skrillex – Live @ Coachella Festival 2014 (Indio, california) – 12-04-2014

While in the early years was more of an experimental approach of some producers to the British garage than a genre, a scene around 2005 settled many followers around the dubstep, first in London, then moving on to the rest of England and the rest of world.

Skream and Benga – BBC Radio1 – 11.04.2014

in recent years new producers are overcoming the trauma of dubstep, hard, heavy, dark, since the original, and in their haste to do so have coined terms like Post Dubstep and Future Bass (as if the post had not been never abused, no surprises here on the labels, but the sounds themselves, it is obvious). …

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Skrillex & Diplo Live @ Ultra Music Festival (UMF 2014, Miami) 30-03-2014

Sonny John Moore (born January 15, 1988, Los Angeles, California) better known by his stage name Skrillex, is an American producer of electronic music genres dubstep, brostep and electro house, besides being vocalist post-hardcore from First to Last, between 2004 and 2007. As a producer, is the implementation of Ableton Live. In November 2011, Skrillex …

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Skrillex Live @ Melkweg (Amsterdam) – 21-02-2014

Skrillex nice set download

Skrillex & Boys Noize (Dog Blood) – Live @ Electric Zoo 2013 (New York) – 30-08-2013

Dubstep live set download

Skrillex Live @ Sonar 2013 (Barcelona, Spain) – 14-06-2013

Skrillex Dubstep session in Sonar Festival Barcelona Spain . Live SET Part ONE Part TWO

Skrillex & Boys Noize (Dog Blood) – Live @ Coachella 2013 (California) – 12-04-2013


Skrillex, dubstep live set @ coachella festival 2013

Skrillex & Boys Noize (Dog Blood) Live @ Ultra Music Festival 2013 UMF (Miami) – 17-03-2013


Listen Skrillex & Boys Noize, UMF 2013 , live set, DUBSTEP