Eric Sneo @ Lets Go Techno 056 02-06-2014

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Eric Sneo studied at the conservatory in Mainz in Germany but what really changed my life was the Omen club in Frankfurt and legendary sets her master Sven Väth metanoia download, maximum inspiration cabin. In 1998 he got a residency at The Palazzo club where he learned to DJ ‘s hand as guest DJs Chris Liebing , Rush, Monika Kruse, Jeff Mills, Thomas Schumacher or the same Sven Väth .

In 2002 he began to organize their own parties Tanz Der Familie dubbed . At that time sleeve seals Masters Of Disaster and Beatdisaster with Udo Niebergall and start editing your own themes and some of your favorite heroes like Gayle San , The Advent , Chris Liebing , Hertz or Dj Rush. In 2003 his first pitch hits with support from Dj Rush, Ciao Bella and this opens the door for other labels like Kiddaz FM, Overdrive , Compressed , Le Petit Prince , Terminal M or CLR. In March 2004 Market launch their first album , Slave To The Beat, the label Terminal M which leads you to take a step further in its status as an international DJ who will receive requests to punch in countries as diverse as Brazil, Venezuela , Spain , England and Hungary .