Felix Kröcher Live @ MayDay 2014 Dortmund 30.04.2014

Felix Kröcher MayDay

Felix Kröcher is changing The new hardtechno scene in Germany is changing face now in MayDay 2014. For now, stick with the Felix Kröcher turnover is more experienced names like Sven Wittekind Robert Natus or. It has a notch in recent seal Dj Rush, the tremebundo label Kne ‘Deep To Step Up EP (2006).

So there is no doubt it is one of the hard truth. Anyway what steals Kröcher working hours is the office where Compressed Seal has started working as A & R. Although his true passion is radio which has a history of love since February 2001 when it enters as a DJ at Sunshine Live. Soon will be done with the reins of staff with the same energy that will be done with the German hardtechno by Felix Kröcher tracklist.