Gayle San @ Slam Jump 2014 Mix – October 2014

Gayle san
Gayle San is from Singapore, it is strange to find a woman as a DJ, but it’s even more rare to have a woman in Singapore who click on clubs and events worldwide.



Her energy is vital for success worldwide and Spanish clubs where people will listen as powerful techno The 135 Florida Real or where has been common. After his first sets at parties of different stamps, you have been resident in several clubs in the UK where he went to live in 1990, and even got a monthly residency at the legendary club The Omen the equally legendary Sven Väth Frankfurt. Now lives in Heidelberg (Germany) where he also directs us to remember the Equator seal (Justin Berkovi, Cristian Varela …). After a time unable to pursue him, in 2001 he decided to relaunch his label Equator with a production half with Jay Denham to subsequently bring new jobs people like Flatner Ingram, Justin Berkovi, Bryan Zentz, Cristian Varela, Keita Shinohara. Among his latest CD Vol find Palazzo Vol 2 is your last reference mixed market where you select the latest from artists like Cari Lekebusch, The Advent, Patrick Skoog, Umek, Mark Broom, among others. He also published in 2004 in The Black Code Remixers Experiments with contributions from The Advent, Gunjak and Regis. In 2007 he allied with Cari Lekebush to sign Electrifying in Contact Music.