Hernan Cattaneo Live @ Moonpark (Buenos Aires, Argentina) 05-04-2003

Hernan Cattaneo was born in the neighborhood of Caballito, a Thursday March 4, 1965. From a young age he felt interest in bands like Simply Red, Level 42, Depeche Mode and New Order. Since boy remained interested and informed of everything new in music through the few sources to which he had access, including Billboard magazine. In 1987 he met Frankie Knuckles material through a friend who attended Vynilmania with sample house in New York. Frankie Knuckles, as Cattaneo, has scored big influence on his career as a DJ. Hernán feel respect and admiration for artists and groups such as Knuckles, Inner City and Derrick May for what he describes as the way that combined the energy of European electronic music with the soul of American music. This has somehow decided Cattáneo artistic course and has ranked among the world’s most respected DJs.
As a teenager he began to play music at private parties at Club Italiano of Buenos Aires located in Caballito his native district, in Villa Gesell Sabash discs and Cinema of Buenos Aires. In the early 1990s music going for Z95 FM, radio largely responsible for the spread of electronic music in Argentina. 1