Josh Wink – Live at 1500m2 (Warsaw) – 07-03-2014

josh wink_photo_600
Josh Wink is ideal for moving the ass Dj . From the cockpit molded music that drives people away from each other, with those frequencies that only he can equalize . At first the eclectic style incorporates Wink sounds of house, techno, drum ‘ n ‘ bass and avant-garde experimentation that has led to worldwide success with songs like Higher State Of Consciousness – honoring that altered state that good music know – how to take , and I’m Ready Do not Laugh . After his first album Left Above the Clouds , released in 1996 to critical acclaim ; Wink published a second much more personal album with the title Herehear . Wink started with music when introduced in a service company serving Djs ” home ? Philadelphia at the age of 13. Started clicking in small parties that served to learn how to raise the temperature of the dance floor . in 1988 , King Britt Wink met who Tribal Confusion published by the nickname E-Culture . theme became a classic underground house circuit . This served to be released in the United States and began to explore it by clicking in clubs across the country . Besides his career as a DJ , Wink created his own label Ovum Recordings with King Britt in 1994. Ovum published in Liquid Summer became another classic and it facilitated the publication of issues in different European labels . has also started to remix other artists such as Moby .