Laurent Garnier – Moxie NTS Radio – 14-03-2014

laurent_garnier_DJ_imagenLaurent Garnier – Moxie NTS Radio – 14-03-2014
In all these issues, you can clearly see the great influence that the classic sounds of Chicago and Detroit house and techno ultimately have had on the music of Garnier. It is also at this time that begins to make collaborations with other electronic producers Shazz (under the name of Choice), St Germain, Scan X, Pascal FEOS (with the name of Dune), System 7, Dr. Motte (creator of Love Parade) or wild Lenny Dee. But in 1993 FNAC Music disappears, and Laurent Garnier mounted, with his friend Eric Morand, his own record label, F Communications, which thereafter was to become a key reference of European techno and electronic, as has been home where they have established figures like St. Germain, Jori Hulkkonen, Scan X, Mr Oizo, Frederic Galliano, Llorca, Aqua Bassino, A Reminiscent Drive, Iberian (the Spanish Alex Martin) or Readymade, among many others.