Marco Bailey @ Elektronic Force 179 15-05-2014

Marco Bailey

Marco Bailey starts DJing in music bars at age 18 with styles like Electro, funk along with some hip hop influences . He later went on to great clubs and discos where he made a turn styles like house and new beat .

But his career as a producer and DJ began in 1998 , and since then, Marco has become an unstoppable machine , LP’s outstanding editing relentlessly.

It is also claimed more and more frequently by the most prestigious techno clubs worldwide , particularly in Europe. After passing through the first stage of experimentation with different styles such as hip hop, now his way of expressing before the public is with the techno.
An uncompromising techno to the delight of all his followers wherever he goes

Marco bailey Download knows how to transport all your soul and energy into their work and their DJ sets , making it one of the most important characters in the Belgian techno scene and bringing their music to all corners of the European continent .