Mauro Picotto – Live @ Mayday Poland 2014 (Spodek) – 08.11.2014

mauro picotto
” Mauro Picotto used to play 6 hour sets at Gatecrasher ” explains Picotto . ” But I started it grow and generation of people who were playing to was growing with me . I began to make the transition into techno because it felt right and I loved the music. It was not like I suddenly said , ‘ Well, now I play techno. ” I just like good music and I’m proud of that , and creating new fans, I brought a bunch of my old fans with me and opened a new style of music.” Picotto has made a estimated 250 tracks to date. [citation needed]

After leaving Media Records in 2002 , Picotto formed Bakerloo Music, as well as a new label Alchemy , releasing several massive club tracks , including ” New Time New Place” and the “Alchemy EP . ” That same year he released his Meganite party at the Miami Winter Music Conference tickets instantly became must – haves for the assembled danceratti .

Since 2005 , Picotto has been the resident DJ slot Meganite event, which takes place every Wednesday throughout the summer at Privilege, Ibiza.