Niki Belucci @ Official Podcast 035 – 16-04-2014

nikki belluci DJ
Niki Bellucci is a Hungarian , disk jockey famous for his previous career as a actress, as well as DJing.

After finishing his studies , Niki began working in a fashion store ,. Niki was 19 when he recorded his first film , shot in Ibiza. Then he would continue filming in Japan, Italy and Hungary. However he decided to end his career as a actress after just six months , when it won the title of the year New Found an awards ceremony. Then he surprised the industry by announcing that he was retiring to pursue his career as a DJ
In late summer 2003 Niki met her current manager, Fruzsina Ronky , with which he began his solo career as a DJ . In October 2004 he released his first album, titled 1234 , through the house MIMA Music Publisher Record . Since then , he has worked in many clubs playing music in Europe, but mainly working on this , especially Serbia , Slovakia, Romania and Austria. In 2006 , Niki released a new song called Blue Dawn
His habit of DJing Topless has been imitated by other DJ’s , resulting in a trend known as erotic janes d’ . However some of her fellow critics claiming that this trend is “a sensational act that seeks to hide the lack of talent.”
As a DJ, DJing Niki prefers Funk house, Club House and Progressive , trends apparent in his album 1234 album.