Paul Kalkbrenner Live @ Tomorrowland 2016 (Belgium) – 24-07-2016

Paul Kalkbrenner

he hosts of Ellen Allien who knew from the outset that a treasure had not let out . So Paul delivered in two consecutive years, two L.P. s , Super Impose (2000) and Zeit ( 2001) Bpitch Control , which would be the history of its current Self . In 2005 published a session recorded live Maximalive title of the Minimaxima seal (subdivision of Music Technorient installed in Hong Kong). His hit Tatü – Tata began to hear at Sonar 2005. A few months later published Reworks in which producers of the house as Ellen Allien , Sascha Funke and friends as Agoria remixan some of its most significant issues . In 2008 he makes the leap to film as protagonist of the film Berlin Calling of which he is also responsible for the band sonor