PET Duo Live @The Hard Way (M.I.K.Z. Club, Berlin)17-05-2014

M.I.K.Z. Club pet duo
The M.I.K.Z. Club¬† is also located on the grounds of the former Reichsbahn repair shop ” Franz Stenzer ” better than ” RAW compound ” . You have to be pretty far back by … further and further … then you’re finally here. Since 2014 is now also the secret garden at the start, take place in the pretty much Sunday also open airs .

M.I.K.Z. Club stands for ” Multifunctional International Communications Center.” Thus, it situates itself positively in the tradition of the occupied RAW Centre and the Association founded in 1999, RAW-Tempel eV , but has nothing to do with it .
Pet Duo live at MIKZ Club live set Download, The industrial past of the production halls of RAW continues to characterize the atmosphere of Mikz The club is now a place that receives the specific atmosphere of the period after alive when artists , activists and party makers conquered many empty factory halls, there to prepare a creative combination of art , life and party. Thus dominate the long club nights in Mikz Is sorts of electronic music, for the Berlin known : techno, minimal and house music . “