Ricardo Villalobos & DJ Sneak @ Live party Cocoon Ibiza 2014

Ricardo Villalobos

Mondays have long been synonymous with Cocoon in Ibiza,with Sven Vath , Richie Hawtin and Ricardo Villalobos and even techno parties have multiplied like rabbits in recent years , the jewel of the island remains unchanged Sven Väth , Cocoon 2014 leading to his fifteenth season in Ibiza with an impeccable standard high quality music and trademark eccentricities that we both love . 15 years is a magic number so we expect big celebrations up to the anniversary .

In 2013 the goal was to return to the roots and the essence of dance music , with a maximum of two DJs and a live performance scheduled for each track , with longer sessions that allowed artists to explore innovative territories and catch the public strongly and not lose their attention in no time. The musical focus this year is basically the same .

This year’s line- ups will continue to have long sessions Santa Sven both the Terrace and the Main Room (there was a time when Sven not knocked him out of the main track or money !) , With the return Cocoon of old friends like Adam Beyer , Marcel Dettman , Ellen Alien , Daniel Stefanik and Ben Klock , with the return of the live performances of Love and the incredible team added Cocoon terrace Origins Luciano and his new project. The posters are still half made ​​up, with lots of new and interesting additions pending confirmation .