Sasha @ Essential Mix Radio One 18-06-2000

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Sasha Dj was born in Bangor , Gwynedd, Wales on September 4, 1969 , but spent most of his youth with his mother in the Welsh town of Sandycroft , Flintshire , North Wales . Sasha ‘s mother taught French at Hawarden High School.5 After an ” idyllic childhood ” , he passed the entrance exam for Epsom College at age 17 years.5 However, he did not like Epsom and left before completing his Advanced Level ( an academic qualification in England , Wales and Northern Ireland) . Instead of continuing his studies , Sasha moved to Bangor to live with her father and stepmother . Sasha ‘s stepmother forced him to take piano lessons, that although he did not like at the time, turned out to be beneficial to his career musical.Essential Mix Download.

In Manchester, Sasha Dj met electronic music in the club The Haçienda in 1988.7 Drawn to the rough sound of acid house genre , the music and the rebellious attitude he associated with it. Visited Manchester for a week and soon moved to cercanías.8 Sasha purchased many acid house records and began to mix. The club where DJ Sasha frequented announced that he was looking for other DJs to travel with him on a regional tour. Sasha participated and made ​​his first live appearance near Stockport . He remembered his debut, “I had never touched a Technics : . . Thought the pitch control was the volume, I did not know where to plug my headphones It was absolutely horrendous ” 6