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Pepo @ Zona 3 – Session Rama 31-12-00 Radio 3 Sonia Briz

José María Álvarez del Real aka DJ Pepo is one of the most influential DJs in the musical culture of the modern era of our country. It is a true benchmark for electronic music, which is evolving so fast but, back in 1990, when most people were wondering where those sounds came, Pepo was already …

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Gayle San @ Zona 3 – Atlantida Pleasure 8-6-2000 Radio 3

Among their latest find Palazzo Vol Vol 2 CD is mixed its last reference in the market where the latest artists selected as Cari Lekebusch, The Advent, Patrick Skoog, Umek, Mark Broom, among others.

Wavesound @ Zona3 – Phrenetic Session 6-5-2000 ( programa Sonia Briz )

Another session of Sonia Briz program,Zona 3 on Radio 3 (RNE ) In this case Wavesound with a amazing techno set

Pelacha @ Zona 3 – Radio 3 – Dias Azules 2/11/2001

She recently launched the Playground project, a development platform for the dj / producer, from where you can rent a studio, learn computer music, harmony, etc. to create a project “home studio”. At the same time created the digital stamp free download with wavesound Playgroundlabel.com, HD Substance, F and Vasco Ispirian

Marco Bailey @ Zona 3 – Radio 3 Love Express 1-1-2000

Marco knows how to transport all his heart and energy into their work and their DJ sets, making it one of the most important in the Belgian techno scene and taking his music to every corner of the European continent.

Dj Rush @ Zona 3 -Radio 3 – ClubLand Session 20-1-2001

Another set of Zona 3 Sonia Briz `s radio program, amazing

Oscar Mulero @ Zona3 Techno para un sueño reposado18-5-2000

oscar mulero zona 3

Like everything in life, experience New World has an end, the store owner decides to sell and the mythical age of the square of cubes signs his requiem. Far from being the end of something, is the start of something even bigger. The Omen is born, for some, the whole club, formed by a team …

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Rosy (Specka) @ Zona 3 – Trance Secuences (Year 2000)

His love for music since childhood started with DEPECHE MODE, big fan of Dave Gahan. At first with the dual crown began to develop what would later become his way of life “Mixing”. In 1989 decides, despite his young age, embarking on the project that still remains with his companion and partner, Specka club. Resident …

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