Terence Fixmer – CLR Podcast 264 – 18-03-2014

Terence Fixmer - technodjsets_com
Terence Fixmer born in Lille (northern France on the border with Belgium) in 1972. It was there he discovered the EBM (Electronic Body Music) at age 15 which led him to be a fan of Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, Klinik …

In the late 80’s he became a regular at the Belgian parties with Dj in which New-Beat and listening techno. In 1992 he decided to produce his own music and throwing parties with names like Cosmos and Space at the Pyramid club. A year and a half later released his first EP in a seal-Belgian neighboring country has been very important in life-with rare artistic name, Diki Rec / hit the beat.