Tiefschwarz @ Hello Watergate Podcast 2014


The fashionable couple that has been done so blithely call electro-house is formed by brothers Ali and Basti Schwarz . Tiefschwarz was founded in 1996 by Peter Hoff, chief Benztown studies in Stuttgart . Good track like the music publishing is in her stage name ” tief ” schwarz ” means ” deep and is black in German. So the German deep house this trio is deep and rather dark roots . Ali already had a relationship with the club scene in Germany in Stuttgart after opening his On -U Club in 1990. There the two brothers had the opportunity to share experiences in the cabin next to Tony Humphries, Masters at Work , Frankie Feliciano, Mike Dunn , Mousse T, Matthew Herbert , Larry Heard, Matthias Heilbronn, to name a few . And with so many contacts is normal for 1995v began to tour Europe with his deep house black glove . Their continuous gigs in Germany and Switzerland (Zurich , Geneva , Lausanne , Berne , Basle … ) became new stations shuttle some good exotic : Miami , New York , Washington , Melbourne , Sydney , Prague , Sarajevo , Amsterdam , Brussels , Antwerp , Rimini , Stockholm , London , Leeds, Sheffield , Barcelona, ​​and, of course , Ibiza .

After six years of hard work in the cabin decide to start producing through his own label Continuemusics . Their first single was titled 24 Seven and included remixes by Boris Dlugosch and Michi Lange . In 1998 they reached their first contract with a label, Benztown Records. Music was his first job very well received by the MTV German Dance Charts which puts it at # 1 . Splashes England where success is not easy triumph which the new German material. François graduated Kervokian theme for Wave Music with Matthias Heilbronn remix included. And when François K asks for a disk is synonymous with that insurance will be launching the career of any musical project, so Tiefschwarz the lucrative task of the remix with work for people as diverse as Ultra Naté , Byron Stingily , Jam launched & Spoon , Jennifer Paige , Randy Crawford, Masters at Work , Earth , Wind & Fire , Shakatak , Mousse T, AWA Band, Whirlpool Prod , Sabrina Johnson and Sharon Philips .