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Paul Kalkbrenner Live @ Roskilde Festival (Dinamarca) – 07/07/2012

Paul Kalkbrenner – Live @ Musikpark Ludwigshafen – 27-10-2012

In 1996 is launched as a producer for labor and more professionally, which brought him editing and production work for various television networks in Germany as ARD, ZDF, RTL and Premiere.

Paul Kalkbrenner Live @ Airport Tempelhof (Berlin) 08/09/2012

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Paul Kalkbrenner Live @ Incheba Expo Arena, Bratislava 07/04/2012


Paul Kalbrenner @ Clubnight Warm Up – 03.12.2011


Paul Kalkbrenner Live @ SQ klub MFS Automatik Night 20/03/2009

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Anybody forgot this set ??

Paul Kalkbrenner Live @ Torino Stage DEMF 30-05-2011

Paul Kalkbrenner @ Essential Mix (BBC Radio ONE) 30-07-2011

Welcome to two hours set of Paul Kalkbrenner BBC Radio ONE 2011.07.30 – Essential Mix