UMEK @ Tronic Podcast 190 (Live at Lehmann Club, Stuttgart) – 18.03.2016


The only material that had the Slovenian Uros Umek producer when he became interested in dance music were bootlegs and music of bands like Laibach or Borghesia. Since the techno scene in Yugoslavia at that time was virtually nonexistent. There were no clubs or techno parties.

Lehmann Club With the fall of communism, Umek began organizing with great success, raves in the new Slovenia. Where he reported on his fellow artists like Surgeon (which big fan recognized). Quickly it develops an underground scene, who chose as favorite techno style. This was due in large part to the limitations of equipment Umek is more suited to the production of techno than to the house, which may require many more means to avoid falling into the creative cheapening. But especially to the passion of Umek by gender.

Umek is a producer and DJ who abstains from subtleties much as sheep, the wolf. It is ideal for long-haul festivals where you have to close with fireworks at risk of leaving dissatisfied young people who, by the way, Dj worship him. A part of their deliveries on his own label Consumer Recreation, Umek style has become part of the catalogs of various labels such as Planet Rhythm, Audio, Missile and Communique. But it was his collaboration with the Electric Tortured and Billy Nasty seals which have yielded the most interesting results.

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In addition, Umek is running out to perfect his technique to four plates. Sure to four plates which he and Valentino Kanzyani deployed in any edition of Monegros to which they are invited and where we always love. Umek recent productions are focusing on promoting and propping up the techno-house sub-label of his fetish label, Recycled Loops -management sharing half with Kanzyani-, the most inexperienced Earresistible Musick with which Umek is entering sounds something more sophisticated with contributions from Marko Nastic and Valentino Kanzyani. In 2007 it published in the British label of the Renaissance, Utopia EP with remixes of Tigerskin promoter.