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Ben Sims Live @ Florida 135 (Fraga – Huesca) 14-8-2003


Ben Sims has decided to put an end to the life of Theory, the label founded by Tony Dax in 1997. Now, 17 years later and with Sims directing it alone, it’s time to say goodbye through the front door, a triple vinyl in which a handful of themes signed by the British artist veteran …

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Bem Sims @ Zona 3 Radio 3 Spain (1999)

Since he created his label Theory Recordings in late 1997 , the London DJ and producer Ben Sims has continued to answer the call of the jungle in which the dance floor becomes when he is in the cabin. Only one animal dishes like Ben Sims is capable of breaking the maxim that good producer …

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Ben Sims – Live @ Monegros Desert Festival (Spain) 21/07/2013

Monegros desert festival live set & session download

Ben Sims @ Zona 3 Hipertension Radio 3 Sonia Briz 03.06.2001

Download Zona 3 sessions, Ben Sims Set. about 2001

Ben Sims & Richie Hawtin – Live @ Electro Tramp 1999

New cloudcast, Not sure about the date 199X or 2000 ?

Ben Sims @ Presents Mix Up for fabrik – 09-02-2012

ben sims sesiones 2015