Josh Wink @ Thump Mix Cocoon Ibiza 23.10.2014

josh wink

Josh Wink In 1996 he decided to leave a bit a DJ to concentrate on his label that was about to sign a distribution deal with Ruffhouse-Columbia Records. Since then Ovum Records has become a hallmark respected around the world, their references are punctured by most DJs.




One of his last big hits was Superfreak, despite the controversy that existed between himself and the Wink also DJ and electronic music producer Daniel Bell (better known by his alias DBX), an artist whose music has influenced famous artists, including to Wink own course plagiarism.Cocoon Ibiza 2014.

The Return of the acid house returns to the cover of DJ Magazine in 2004 and thanks to the release of a new EP with seven tracks and an introduction, 20 to 20 with her ​​old friend Roland TB-303 Bass Line as best ally we returns the best Wink. In the spring of 2007 shows an EP on Poker Flat label of his friend Steve Bug titled Thick As Thieves.