PET DuoLive @ CODE 096 (Club Fabrik, Madrid) 15-03-2014

In Brazil but maybe not so much here in Spain are becoming a celebrity. When Pet Duo enter the door of the club sound technicians come out legs. Ana Luiza Gelfei Merlino and David are the guarantors of schranz sound that is destroying the hearing of our children. The two Brazilians play in the same category that make loud DAVE The Drummer, Chris Liberator, Guy” Geezer” McAffer, Lawrie Immersion, DDR or Giselle, among others. Without being, of course, the real mentor couple brasileira, Dj Rush in 2002 invited them to join the tour Kne’Deep seal of Chicago-that exalted fame. Then they have played in Spain for half joy of youngsters eager to huge sensory discharges coming from other worlds. Sounds ideal for outdoor festivals like Electrosonic grave.