Technasia – Suara Podcat 007 – 21-03-2014


Technasia works since 1996 as a two-headed entity , being a record label and music project on record for the company , which has already gone down in history as the first label of underground dance music appeared in Hong Kong.

Its primary objective is to find electronic music projects located in Asia and make them known outside the continent for building a strong scene and quality . Technasia as a musical project formed by Amil Khan ( label manager ) and Charles Siegling , who was born in France.

His music is unlike other techno productions have appeared in recent years to deploy with strong rhythms and hard passion for the melodic techno pop sounds , pleading totally influenced by people like Yellow Magic Orchestra , Coil , Xymox or Depeche Mode, to while trying to create an identifiable sound with Asia.

So far Technasia has released six EPs on his label , emphasizing Motion (which won them the respect of DJ’s of the caliber of Dave Clarke and Laurent Garnier ) and the recent Force , a theme vocal techno that became an instant hit for its pop character. Joey Beltram Remixes Sound Of K and have done nothing but grow your reputation.

Among recent and future plans of the duet album are Future Mix , which collects their best songs with new compositions ( released in Japan last year, the album reached # 26 on the charts ) .