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Technasia @ Ibiza Dance Miniclub 18-06-2014


Download party ibiza sessions 2014:

Technasia Live @ Muzik Village Festival 20-04-2014

Three new stamps have recently seen the light under Technasia: Sino, dedicated to his more melodic, Star Tracks (personal project centered Charles Siegling dj tools) and Popsoda brand which dips into pop territory tech. Precisely in March 2006 appeared his album entitled Popsoda topics such as Way Of Life (Let’s Go Let’s Go Mix) topped …

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Technasia – Suara Podcat 007 – 21-03-2014

Technasia works since 1996 as a two-headed entity , being a record label and music project on record for the company , which has already gone down in history as the first label of underground dance music appeared in Hong Kong. Its primary objective is to find electronic music projects located in Asia and make …

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Technasia – Live at Blue Marlin Ibiza Sundays (Ibiza) – 25-08-2013

Techanasia radio set download

Technasia b2b Mendo – Live @ Ants Ushuaia Beach Hotel (Ibiza) – 29-06-2013


Technasia live set in ibiza,Download Ushuaia Beach Hotel

Technasia – Live @ Fuse Club (Belgium) – 19/01/2013

Amazing sessions from Brussels, Belgium, Technasia live set !

Technasia live @ hessenhallen giessen 16-12-2012

Technasia live @ Berghain 08.09.2012